VIP 1 ON 1 Coaching

Hi Mum! Your V.I.P Coaching is all ready

Face-to-face, Skype, telephone – in London, UK and anywhere in the world

With all packages you will get the following bonuses:

Bonus 1: Bespoke Action Plan and Goals Sheet  (Worth £100)

Bonus 2: Relevant and personalized coaching exercises to do between coaching sessions to support and accelerate your development (Worth £150)

Bonus 3: Bespoke meditations, techniques and tools relevant to you and your personal situation designed to maximize your growth ((Worth £300)

Bonus 4: Free access to all of Tonia’s live workshops for a whole year (Worth £700)

as well as…

Free subscription to her online newsletter (Worth £30)
Being the first to know of any new offers, discounts or any other exciting news that will help you create a life you love

And of course… Tonia’s undivided attention, support and 100 % commitment to your development and success. Tonia is hugely passionate about her work, she regards it as her craft and is devoted to deliver the best possible service at all times and to each and everyone of her clients.

Kick Start Ruby package of 6 sessions (6 weeks – 3 months programme)
Extra Kick Start Bonus: Additional and complimentary 90 mins intake session to kick start your journey in the best possible way.
Payable in advance or standing order. Payment plan available.
Receive 20 % off  when paying the full amount in advance.

Intensive Gold package of 12 sessions
 (3 – 6 months programme) 
Extra Intensive Bonus 1: Additional and complimentary 90 mins intake session to kick start your journey in the best possible way.
Extra Intensive Bonus 2: Unlimited email support between sessions for extra guidance, support, motivation and focus
Payable in advance or by standing order.  Payment plan available.
Receive 20 % off  when paying the full amount in advance.

Platinum package of 24 sessions (6 – 12 months programme) 
Extra Platinum Bonus 1:
 Unlimited email contact between sessions and priority response within max. 24h
Extra Platinum Bonus 2: 12 x 10mins check-in phone calls between sessions for extra support
Extra Intensive Bonus 3: Your own personalized notebook to document our work.

All packages include the option of discounted 1 year- Lifetime loyalty maintenance session.

Contact Tonia here  or on 07949322566 to discuss the options with her directly, or click on the pop up on the right side of the page to schedule your free Discovery Session first.


What happens in a session?

In the first session Tonia will take a thorough inventory of your life, including your beliefs, perceptions, fears, visions and dreams as well as past and current challenges. This will help you both gain a greater understanding of the reasons why things are the way they are and therefore identify what changes can or need to be made.

Together you will discover what it is that you really want, what matters to you and what exactly is stopping you from living the happy and fulfilled life you deserve.

In order to manifest and create what we desire, we must not only know what it is that we want in life but also remove the barriers that are blocking us so we can fully step into our power.

In your sessions you will start to identify and learn how to let go of and heal the limitations or blocks that are holding you back. These could be things like limiting beliefs and perceptions, lack of self-worth, confidence or insecurities, fear of failure or success, procrastination, sabotage, perfectionism or destructive habits. Our outer world is usually an expression of our inner world.

this approach, has helped many women  to not only transform their lives.

You will be provided with down to earth strategies, tools and techniques to work through your blocks and create a life you love.

It is understandable that before committing, you might want to know more and get to know your coach. This is why Tonia offers a  free discovery session that is completely unconditional and you can book right here.

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