I am glad you stopped by!

Hi, my name is Tonia, I am a social entrepreneur with a deep passion and expertise in both Business and Self-Development. I’m a graduate of Kent Business School at the University of Kent, Canterbury. I have a strong Business /self-development background and most importantly, an entrepreneurial spirit.

After my last role at PricewaterhouseCoopers, I decided that running my own company was something I really wanted to do….

It was time for me to be my own boss and after thriving in my career, my passion has grown even stronger and now I’m passionate about helping mums in the UK just like yourself as well as giving back to society. My #1 goal is to create lasting and positive impacts in the lives of mums all around the UK, and even the world.
I created the Mumtrepreneur Club out of my deep desire to help mums create a business/family life balance they could be proud of. My role as a wife and a mother of 3 toddlers means the absolute world to me, and that’s at the very heart and inspiration of the club itself.

The Mumtrepreneur Club is dedicated to  mums who are or aspiring to be entrepreneurs. Women entrepreneurs have a significant impact on the small business landscape of the nation. Our #1 aim and objective is to encourage mums by offering them all the support they need to finally embark on their wonderful, amazing and truly liberating entrepreneurial journey!

I know as a mum you have many desires and dreams, many have been brushed under the carpet because of your family commitments but I can assure you that there is room for you at the top. Its time to take a bold step.

As a mum, it is very easy to dedicate your whole life to raising your children and managing the home but I am here to tell you that your dreams can also come through!